Preparing Global Leaders Forum – PGLF

Inadequate leadership training fails to prepare our leaders to meet the complex challenges presented by the modern world. PGLF’s mission is to cultivate and prepare a network of innovative leaders who excel at bridging across diverse disciplines, demographics, and divides.

Since its founding in 2012, Preparing Global Learders Forum programs have prepared a diverse group of delegates from over 100 countries and with an array of professional backgrounds ranging from Rhodes Scholars to elected government officials to physicians to non-profit leaders and CEOs. Through intensive Socratic seminars with scholar-teacher-mentors, delegates are challenged to expand their conception of leadership through a rigorous curriculum that unites both theory and practice.

PGLF is led by its founder, Dr. Sam Potolicchio. Potolicchio has been named one of the “Best Professors in America” by the Princeton Review, an OZY Award winner as one of 6 outstanding American educators, Newsweek Japan's "Best Professor In America" cover story and a Cross Award as one of the future leaders of higher education by the Association of Colleges and Universities. PGLF’s faculty comprises top professors from Oxford, Georgetown, Harvard, and Columbia along with a distinguished group of national politicians and business leaders.