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Dr. Sam Potolicchio is Director of Global and Custom Education at the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University. Potolicchio was named one of “America’s Best Professors” by the Princeton Review, the only one in his field, a Future Leader of American Higher Education by the Association of Colleges and Universities, and winner of the OZY Educator Award as one of the six most outstanding American educators.

Potolicchio has delivered lectures in over 85 countries including at Oxford, Yale, Cambridge, Sorbonne, London School of Economics, Brown, Dartmouth, Bologna and Warwick. He also serves as the Department Chairman and Distinguished Professor in Political and Social Communications at the School of Public Policy at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and as the President of Preparing Global Leaders Forum a leadership training program for rising leaders from over 100 countries.

Potolicchio is a senior adviser to high ranking officials around the globe and is currently the Director and academic designer of the first english language program on Global Governance and Leadership in the Russian Federation. He is a visiting professor at New York University, a Distinguished Scholar at the Canterbury School of Fort Myers, and an official lecturer at the Library of Congress for OWLC, an international leadership program of the United States Congress. 

B.A. Government, Georgetown; B.A. Psychology, Georgetown; M.T.S. Theology and Culture, Harvard; PRSE, Harvard; MA, Government, Georgetown; PhD, Government, Georgetown

Dr. Sam Potolicchio speaks about the importance of body language for communication in a Georgetown lecture.


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