Global Governance & Leadership Degree Program in Russia

Sam Potolicchio is Director and the academic designer of the first english language program on Global Governance and Leadership in the Russian Federation. This one of a kind undergraduate degree program is housed in the School of Public Policy at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) in Moscow, Russia.


Global Governance and Leadership is an undergraduate degree program with a global focus designed to make students better leaders in the private, public, governmental, or nonprofit sectors. With its strong emphasis on leadership, the program gives students the skills needed to make tough choices about critical issues facing today's society.

Specifically tailored to help students develop the skills required to assume a future leadership position, this unique undergraduate program combines normative and empirical approaches to international law, organizations and processes, and applies them to the analysis of global political institutions and policies. Moreover, the program includes courses in psychology, writing, negotiation, economics and finance, ethical decision-making, logic, and organizational behavior.

All these competences focus on building what future employers will look for—strong communication and leadership skills, along with the creation and maintenance of collaborative and productive teams in any environment.

Dr. Potolicchio was named as one of “America’s Best Professors” by the Princeton Review, the only one in his field, and the Future Leader of American Higher Education by the Association of Colleges and Universities.

Top ten highlights of the degree program

  1. All courses are taught in English
  2. Exchange & dual degree opportunity
    - Partnership with University of Bologna (Double Degree)
  3. High level of foreign language preparation with native speakers
    - (Italian, Spanish, German)
  4. Preparation for English proficiency tests such as IELTS and BEC
  5. Preparation for GMAT and GRE
  6. Focus on the development of the most critical professional skills of the 21st century
  7. Continuing education and study abroad
  8. High level of communication with top politicians, public servants, businessmen, experts, consultants and practitioners
  9. Internships in international companies abroad
  10. Applying the best educational practices from the most elite universities in the world